Aesthetic Surgery of the Face

Orthognathic Surgery

Treatment of Facial Bone Fractures

Treatment of Cheek bone Fractures

Treatment of Temporo-Mandibular Joint / Condylar Fractures

Treatment of Jaw Bone Fractures

Surgery for Residual Deformities

Correction of Facial Deformities

Genioplasty (Chin job)

Chin Implants

Cheek Implants

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

TM Joint Ankylosis Release

TMJ Lavage/ Arthrocentesis for TM Joint Pain

Facial Reconstruction Surgery

Correction of Craniofacial Abnormalities

Cosmetic Surgery for Facial Scars

Removal of Naevi & Moles

Ear Lobule Correction

Diagnosis & Treatment of Jaw Cancers

Surgical Treatment of Cysts & Tumors of Face

Intra Oral Surgical Procedures

Surgery for cysts of Jaws

Dental Cysts & Tumors

Painless Removal of Impacted Wisdom teeth

TMJ Hypomobility/ Reduced Mouth Opening

Cleft Lip & Palate

Dental Implants

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Minor Surgical procedures are carried out at the Aesthetic Facial Surgery Clinic whereas all Major Surgeries are carried out at one of the best Hospitals in Gurgaon, NCR by Dr. Rohit Punga and his team, thus ensuring the best of surgical and medical health care to the patient during and even after the surgery.